How it Works

With us at Monthly Installment Loans For Bad Credit we give you effortless access to online lenders capable of fulfilling your short term cash needs. It is easy with us to browse through number of loan deals and make the right pick. But before getting started you will first have to sign up with us. Very basic information is required to be provided to us.

We take no lending decisions nor do we extend any type of credit assistance. Our only aim is to match you with lender capable of fulfilling your needs. Here we would like to clarify you that submitting us your loan request does not mean that you qualify for a loan. Since we play no role in loan lending, we cannot guarantee if your loan request will be accepted or rejected.

Once your loan request has been matched, you can continue with the application procedure at the lender's website. To apply you will need to fill in an online form with complete and correct details and submit it. After you have received approval, cash will be directly wired into your checking account.

Consequences of non-payment can be serious. Non repayment of borrowed money can incur extra charges; lenders may take legal actions and have negative impact on credit score. Therefore, repayment should be taken seriously.

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